YOU’LL be reading this at the end of the first week back in work after the Christmas and New Year break.

For some of us it was a ten day holiday between Christmas Eve and New Year Bank Holiday Monday.

It’s a strange feeling going back to business after the long lay-off, a new experience for me this year as it’s the first time I’ve had such an absence for many years.

I can’t remember the last time I had the full festive time off. I usually opt for a week off starting when the rest of the country goes back to it.

It means you’re starting a nice week off while everyone else is returning to the world of work with long faces.

This year though that wasn’t possible as last Tuesday was a very special day for us at Real Radio.

We’ve been waiting for just over two years for it to happen and a few days ago the wait came to an end.

At 8am on Tuesday morning we became Wales’ first national commercial radio station after turning on frequencies in north and mid Wales. Having been part of the launch at Real Radio just over ten years ago, it feels extra special. We now have a potential audience of 2.5 million people.

Hopefully we will fill the same gap in the market there that we have filled in south and west Wales throughout the last decade.

It’s a very exciting way to start the new year and it’s an excellent of beating those back-to-work blues.

Not sure what we’ll think of for January 2012, but there’s plenty of time for that.