It's nearly the end of another 6 Nations championship and as I write, as unbelievable as it sounds, Wales are still in with a chance of the championship.

It’s been an interesting contest this time around thanks to some unexpected results and unpredictable officiating.

Not everyone is happy though, over the last few weeks on the Real Radio Sports Phone In we've had the usual gripes and groans that we get every year at this time, usually from football fans.

Of course there's the annual argument about which is the national sport of Wales.

This is as pointless a debate as anything the Welsh Assembly can offer and will never have a conclusion.

It's the sporting equivalent to "my brother is bigger than your brother" and it amazes that every year the same people seem to get wound up by it.

The other gripe from the football fraternity is that they can't support the national rugby team because of the media bias towards rugby.

It's such a ridiculous argument but without fail it causes high blood pressure and bad karma amongst the round ball followers.

It's not a problem for me as I realised long ago that Cardiff City will always get more column inches than Merthyr Town but for some it still causes sleepless nights and a nasty dose of the heebeegeebees whenever someone says "line-out" or "inside centre".

You can see how it would be a problem. There's probably a medical term for it.

I love football and I love rugby although football shades it for me overall.

However I will still be passing every ball with the Welsh side on Saturday evening as I’ll be kicking every ball with the Welsh football team a week later.