Spring seems to have sprung and it always raises the sprits after winter to think of sunnier, warmer days on the way.

With the clocks going forward this weekend it means we will be able to head home from work in daylight and a few more degrees during the day helps our general well being all around.

There is however, something that you have to do when the clocks change and I’m sure you’ll do it next Sunday evening. At some point after 6pm you must stop whatever you’re doing (unless what you’re doing is brain surgery or operating heavy machinery), look at your watch, then at the sky and declare “it’s still light”. Not doing it is somehow committing a crime against British Summer Time.

That’s the other thing that happens at this time of year. You get those people who for some bizarre reason, because they must have learnt at school that there are four seasons in a year, think that British Summer Time means that summer has started. We have a commercial running on Real Radio at the moment which says just that.

Take it from me, because it will happen. Someone will associate a spell of milder, brighter weather with the fact that “it’s summer”. That happens you have a choice, you can nod and agree and move on or point out that it is in fact just the start of spring, which usually lasts longer than a week and since when has it been summer time at the end of March.

Take it from me, it’s easier to nod.