This will be “the challenge of a generation” in that it will require many innovative solutions to meet the requirements of the environment, engineering, integrated transport networks and sustainable energy generation.

Therefore, I am saddened that this challenge does not appear to be realised. The House of Commons’ Energy and Climate Change Committee report, published this week, identifies the current proposal “has yet to provide robust and independently verified evidence of the economic, environmental and technological viability of the project”.

Those who support or oppose the Barrage will be united in the requirement of robust evidence on all aspects of this project. Meeting our future energy needs is a major challenge, a challenge that has to be accomplished and a challenge that year by year becomes more urgent.


This is a consultation about the future of specialist hospital services in South Wales. A new hospital which is planned to be built at Llanfrechfa, Cwmbran (Specialist and Critical Care Centre) features in all the options in the consultation proposals.

I urge people to participate in this consultation: full details can be found at:


The recent spell of hot weather has seen a spate of grass fires across South Wales, notably a mountain blaze near Upper Cwmbran at the weekend. These fires are often started deliberately. It can not be stressed too often that these fires not only place our firefighters in unnecessary dangers, they also tieup vital firefighting and accident rescue equipment that may be required to tackle other emergency incidents.


This week saw the raising of the Dornier 17 aircraft off the Kent coast. This follows the opening of the new Mary Rose museum.

Restoring both for public display were (will be) long-term projects that required vision to realise their historic, education and tourism potential. That will be a catalyst to attracting wider economic investment.

We need to create a team of people, from across all disciplines, to focus upon how to ensure Newport gains every possible opportunity arising from the discovery of this historic vessel.