THE question I am most frequently asked as an MP is: “Why is the government making cuts?”

The short answer is because the UK government is spending a lot more than it is receiving in taxes and is having to borrow vast amounts of money to make up the difference.

Even WITH the cuts that have taken place, the government is short of more than £100bn a year.

The money is borrowed and added to the total debt, which is currently more than one trillion pounds.

And who is it that lends us these hundreds of billions of pounds which we are overspending?

Why the banks, of course.

Those pesky bankers who we accuse of taking our money actually hand over far more to the British government every year than they received in the bail-out.

If we carried on, then we would become increasingly dependent on international banks and the dwindling numbers of countries like China who are happy to lend money to developed nations which don’t want to live within their means.

The Argus policy of allowing one small column prevents a longer explanation, but for those who are interested, I have set out the government’s economic approach in FAQ form on my website:

● The defence minister gave a statement on the future of the Army on Thursday.

The Queen’s Dragoon Guards survives, although the 2nd Battalion Royal Welsh will be withdrawn from battle.

I am delighted for the QDG campaigners who worked with MPs from across Wales and the Welsh Affairs Committee (which I chair) to press their case.

While I appreciate the need to restructure given the financial situation which I mention above, I cannot understand why we are losing five British infantry battalions but keeping both Gurkha battalions intact.

Perhaps the Royal Welsh need a glamorous film star to take up their cause.

● Parliament will shortly close for the summer and the national papers (not the Argus, which is extremely reputable) will be full of stories of MPs “putting their feet up for two months”.

It is utterly wrong to think if Parliament isn’t sitting, MPs are “on holiday”.

We each have an office in the constituency and I work normal office hours at least five days a week when Parliament is in recess.

To all Monmouth constituents I say: please ignore the tabloids and continue to contact me with issues.

I will be here.