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MONEY FILE: The good and bad of a friend and foe: Debt

South Wales Argus: (4019847)

2:41pm Monday 17th February 2014

DEBT is like fire – used well, it’s a fantastic tool, used badly, it burns. That’s why of all elements of finance, it’s one that needs careful handling. Yet for those in the know, it’s possible to borrow without any cost whatsoever. Here are my 10 need-to-knows:

THE MONEY FILE: Beware plastic perils on your dream holiday

South Wales Argus: (3132024)

2:58pm Monday 23rd December 2013

A simple New Year’s resolution for you. If you plan to go abroad next year, don’t pay more to pay. Far too many people hike their own costs by spending the wrong way when their feet land on sun-drenched foreign shores.

THE MONEY FILE: Get the best deal from insurance companies

4:48pm Monday 9th December 2013

Are you walking out in the world naked? Insurers try to scare you into thinking you are if you don’t buy their cover. The right policy is a suit of armour protecting you from the world's randomness – but what's necessary, what's nonsense, and how do you cut the cost?

THE MONEY FILE: Protect against winter without breaking bank

South Wales Argus: (2656961)

2:08pm Monday 25th November 2013

Winter is coming. Don’t wait until you’re knee-deep in the white stuff to sort your bills. Here, prevention truly beats cure – tackling your bills now means you can take the financial bite out of winter chills…

MARTIN LEWIS: Stop whining about your bank

South Wales Argus: B9AXG3 (1251316)

2:35pm Monday 30th September 2013

Don’t whinge about your bank. It’s not productive. Instead, ditch it and switch. Sadly, millions of people are with their bank account because they got free piggybanks aged eight, and even if service has been dire, decades later they’ve never moved.

THE MONEY FILE: Trim the pounds from your household bills

11:21am Monday 13th May 2013

Your starter for 10. Would you like to save some money? Sometimes cutting your bills isn’t about knowing the right answers, it's about asking the right questions. So let me run you through my money test. Answer each of the following questions – it could add £100s or £1000s to your pocket. · Has your home got more or the same number of bedrooms than people? If so, and you’re in England and Wales, check whether you can make big savings switching to a water meter (free to do, but not in Scotland). This is because water bills depend roughly on your home's value, while a meter's all about usage. This may be serious cash. As DenwantsJFT96 tweeted me: "Switched a few years back and now pay £45 a month less (that's £540 a year - ML). Plus it makes me more conscious of what I use. Fixed dripping tap." There’s a calculator to see if you can save at

THE MONEY FILE: Stay warm but keep your brass in pocket

South Wales Argus: KEEP WARM FOR LESS: Following these tips can save you money this winter

11:40am Thursday 27th December 2012

WINTER isn’t good for your wallet. Whether it’s a crisp sunny day, or you’re knee deep in snow, the added chills mean bigger bills.

THE MONEY FILE: Sort debts now and use cards to your advantage

South Wales Argus: WATCH OUT: Don’t go mad on presents if you can’t afford it!

12:10pm Monday 10th December 2012

THE best time to put the brakes on with Christmas is before you crash into a brick wall.

THE MONEY FILE: Shop around on net for a thrifty Christmas

South Wales Argus: CHRISTMAS CHEER: If you are put off with trudging around the shops in the foul weather take up some of the hints of our expert to save time and money

3:05pm Monday 26th November 2012

It’s that dreaded time of year again, when many feel the need to trudge around the shops in the freezing cold, with heavy bags pulling shoulders out of their sockets.

THE MONEY FILE: Will men’s premiums fall much? Fat chance

South Wales Argus: EQUALITY? New laws will mean women drivers facing huge hikes in their insurance payments

2:50pm Monday 15th October 2012

I’M NOT quite sure this is what ’60s feminists had in mind.

THE MONEY FILE: Helping you plan for a cracking Christmas

South Wales Argus: IT’S NO SURPRISE: Christmas is coming, so don’t get caught out this year

1:10pm Monday 1st October 2012

This is a crucial warning. I’ve just had it confirmed that Christmas will be on December 25 this year. You may be thinking “that’s not a surprise”.

Top tips for getting the best credit deals

South Wales Argus: APPLICATIONS: Are you trying to get a new credit card?

2:31pm Monday 17th September 2012

IT’S enough to make you growl. You apply for a credit card or loan , get accepted but they inform you the rate’s far higher than advertised.

MARTIN LEWIS: Give your wallet a holiday when you go abroad

South Wales Argus: BE PREPARED: Enjoy your break in the sun by getting your deals done before you hit the beach

2:57pm Monday 9th July 2012

IF you’re planning a trip away, act now– if you wait till you go, it’ll be too late – and the costs can rocket.

How to beat banks if you’re heading abroad

12:40pm Monday 25th June 2012

SUN, sea, sand... and a serious impact on your pocket. Holidaying abroad is expensive enough, but too many people make it worse by leaving it until the last minute to get their spending money – or doing it completely the wrong way.

Don’t stash the cash in your home

3:09pm Monday 2nd April 2012

CASH is King ... or so they say. I’m afraid I disagree. It has advantages for budgeting and haggling. But when it comes to spending or making savings safer, cash comes a distant second place.

MONEY SAVING EXPERT: Ten top financial tips for over 50s

South Wales Argus: GOOD ADVICE: The older you get the more your cash needs to look after you

3:13pm Monday 5th March 2012

WHETHER 50 is just around the corner or long gone, the older you are, the more your cash needs to look after you. With 420,000 older households struggling, prevention is better than cure.

Holiday costs can be slashed

South Wales Argus: GET AWAY FROM IT ALL: But don’t spend more than you have to

11:26am Monday 20th February 2012

LIKE comedy, good holiday money-saving is about timing. Unlike comedy, people don’t groan when I try it.

MONEY SAVING EXPERT: New year’s resolutions

10:28am Wednesday 11th January 2012

IS it wrong to admit a secret love of January? For one month only, being savvy with cash becomes sexy. People lust to sit down and tackle bills, rather than run a million miles. So let me take advantage of this unnatural fervour, and suggest the key MoneySaving resolutions that can save some £1,000s.

MARTIN LEWIS: Arm yourself for Christmas

10:40am Wednesday 14th December 2011

FAR TOO many people throw cash away at Christmas, thinking “I can always exchange it later”.

Junior ISAs Explained

2:46pm Monday 28th November 2011

THE NEW ickle ISA just for kids has launched. Yet don’t go gooey, it’s about real cash, not monopoly money.

MARTIN LEWIS: How to save motoring money

South Wales Argus: CUTTING COSTS: Choosing the right fuel can save you pounds

10:03am Monday 17th October 2011

IT’S hard for drivers not to feel under siege. With huge hikes in petrol and insurance, the average cost of running a (new) car has zoomed ahead to £5,500 a year according to the AA.

Don’t rush to pay off student loan

South Wales Argus: TO PAY OR NOT TO PAY: If you have spare cash, should you pay off or reduce your student loan?

10:47am Monday 19th September 2011

STUDENT loan interest rates have jumped to a huge 5.3% for hundreds of thousands of people across the UK. Don’t think of this as a student issue, it’s actually about outstanding loans for the four million-plus graduates in their twenties, thirties and forties who haven’t cleared their debts.

Pitfalls of credit card transfer

South Wales Argus: SAFE AS HOUSES: But should you transfer your credit card bill to your mortgage?

10:00am Monday 5th September 2011

IT FEELS like a no-brainer: shift expensive credit cards and loans on to a cheap mortgage and you’re quids in.

SMS – Spam Messages Suck!

3:01pm Monday 25th July 2011

This might not have been the original meaning but it’s perfect for today’s onslaught of unwanted texts, clogging up mobile phones.

MARTIN LEWIS: Small people, big expense!

South Wales Argus: SUMMER FUN: But making sure children are looked after in the school holidays can be expensive

4:54pm Monday 11th July 2011

THIS is a wealth warning for all parents: the summer holidays are coming! And while the kids get time off, that doesn’t mean you do.

Time to make the switch and avoid big price rises

3:20pm Monday 27th June 2011

EVERYBODY needs to urgently assess their energy bills.

It’s your cash, claim it!

12:10pm Monday 13th June 2011

MORE than £6,000,000,000 pounds is sitting waiting for four million people who’ve been unknowingly misled by their banks on credit cards and loans – roughly £1,500 per person.

How to find Amazon's hidden bargains

2:23pm Monday 4th January 2010

Picture it: a bloke with a spivvy moustache, Arthur Daley jacket and slicked back hair. He leans in and says, "Sssh, don’t tell anyone, but fancy a quick back-door glance into Amazon’s secret bargain basement?"

Get a free personalised video from Santa

12:48pm Monday 7th December 2009

Free personalised video from Santa

Protect your PC this Christmas for less

12:40pm Monday 7th December 2009

Computer hackers, password crackers and Trojan trackers are everywhere, and it’s more important than ever to protect yourself.

Free and cheap wills!

10:37am Monday 9th November 2009

NOVEMBER is Will Aid month, which means you can get a solicitor-drafted will at low or no cost.

The Top Cards for Credit Rejects

10:36am Monday 9th November 2009

How’s your credit score? Almost certainly it’s nowhere near as good as you imagine.

The cheapest landline deals

9:50am Monday 5th October 2009

Who to choose depends on whether you’re just looking for a phone alone or want bundled broadband too. For that, go to Here, I want to focus on phones.

The UK’s cheapest line rental

8:55am Monday 5th October 2009

Whether it’s Radio 2 presenters, cabbies, or the airport security guard, it seems people everywhere are infuriated by telephone line rental - or at least it’s the first thing on their mind to ask when they spot me.

Free stuff

3:04pm Friday 22nd May 2009

Free Starbucks! - There’s an easy way for regular Starbuckers to nab a free coffee.

Don't be stung on currency

3:03pm Friday 22nd May 2009

Spending overseas on some cards can be muchos expensive. Yet pick the right card, you can smash down the charges to nada.

Are your petrol costs spinning out of control?

3:20pm Thursday 7th May 2009

While we’re nowhere near the heights of last year’s pump prices, the government’s 2p-a-litre hike in fuel duty from September means we’re creeping near the pound a litre value again.

The facts and the fables of credit

11:10am Friday 24th April 2009

RECESSION means cheap credit has become as scarce as a steak and kidney pie in Nicole Richie’s fridge.

Legoland bargain

South Wales Argus: Legoland bargain

2:02pm Friday 13th March 2009

If you’re a mum, female guardian or grandmother you can get free adult entry to Legoland (usually £36 on the day) when you buy a full priced child ticket (£27).

How to boost what you give to charity

1:56pm Friday 13th March 2009

However if you really want to help in the long term, follow this two step plan.

Beware donating to charity by card

1:52pm Friday 13th March 2009

I want you to stop donating to good causes - by using a charity credit card.

New top balance transfer - lock in 6.8% for LIFE

3:40pm Friday 13th February 2009

There's a new top credit card debt shifting deal.

British Gas cuts gas prices by 10% … but don’t switch!

3:34pm Friday 13th February 2009

British Gas is cutting 10%-ish off standard, online & dual fuel customers from 19 February.

The games' bonds, premium bonds

3:28pm Friday 13th February 2009

Would you leap around the living room cheering “I won, I won”, because your savings account had been credited with monthly interest?

Don't let energy firms win

4:20pm Friday 30th January 2009

In these tough times, many would think twice about lending money, even to loved ones.

Tighten your belt without the pain

2:02pm Friday 16th January 2009

As recession rushes in towards Britain, family finances are in for a battering. It’s time to brace yourself for the hit.

Take advantage of mammoth hotel sales

1:48pm Friday 16th January 2009

First luxury chain Hilton is offering 50% off rooms at 220 of its hotels in Europe, Asia, the Middle East & Africa for stays between January & August.

Get broadband cheap

1:49pm Friday 16th January 2009

It’s currently possible to get O2’s unlimited broadband package for only £6/month if you go via special cashback site

Tuxedos on the cheap

South Wales Argus: Tuxedos on the cheap

10:48am Friday 28th November 2008

For wannabe James Bonds without the secret service expense account, Asda is offering dirt-cheap tuxedos, pictured, in store and online (plus £3.95 delivery).

Take the strain out of train fares

South Wales Argus: BEXLEY: Passenger trapped under train

10:30am Friday 28th November 2008

Train companies are taking us for a ride! The train ticketing system in this country is a joke: two singles are often cheaper than a return, and long journeys cost less than shorter ones on the same route.

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