NOT everything on the site will be packed up and moved off once the Eisteddfod has finished in Ebbw Vale.

The ongoing refurbishment of The Works General Offices is set to become a legacy of the regeneration in the area and this event is giving people the chance to sneak a peek at what it has to offer.

As well as housing the Gwent Records Office, which will be moved from Newport complete with records dating back to the 1300s, it is also home to a 5d cinema, taking interactivity to new levels.

Complete with glasses as you would be for any visit to a 3d film, you are also plunged into the action on screen, with your chair moving in time with movements in the film, you are also blown with air and sprayed with water.

The Curse of Skull Rock, a ten-minute animated film about three pirates, is one of those being showcased during the Eisteddfod and shows off what the cinema can do excellently.

At one point, the protagonist is plunged into the sea, and as the oxygen bubbles float around her on-screen, bubbles fill the cinema.

The £12 million visitor centre will also house a family history and genealogy centre, which is due to open next year.

Visitors to the Eisteddfod are having their say on what the currently unnamed building will be called once it opens to the general public.

The shortlist is 3000 degrees Celsius, SBARC, The Search Engine or The Valleys and I Experience.