Jonathan T Clark was born in Newport in 1966 and still lives in the city of his birth.

He has served as Regional Vice President / Regional Co-ordinator for the party in South East Wales and was Plaid Cymru's candidate for Monmouth for the 2005 General Election and the 2007 National Assembly Election.

This Westminster election campaign should not be an argument between the London based parties about who is going to cut the hardest and the deepest, so that they can continue to bail out their banker chums in the City. New Labour and the Conservatives were willing to allow the deregulation of the banks and the subsequent mismanagement of the UK’s finances. The same London based parties are happy to be funded by the same big corporations, the large retail chains, the same banks and city financiers who helped get us into this economic mess in the first place. This is the legacy of the cosy Westminster club and you wonder why people feel let down and disillusioned with politics.

Monmouth constituency needs better integrated public transport; we need better facilities for passengers and more stopping services at Abergavenny, Caldicot and Chepstow. We need to consider reopening existing old railways, with feasibility studies into reopening the line between Little Mill and Usk and between Chepstow and Monmouth. Our communities need more affordable housing. Our small businesses and suppliers need a level playing field so that they can compete against the larger retail chains and our town centres need to be at the heart of our communities. Our pensioners and military veterans need a better deal.

A webadministrator at the University of Wales, Newport, he lived in London and worked for the Directorate for Public Affairs and Internal Communications at the Metropolitan Police. He worked as a trainee journalist for the Gwent based Free Press Series newspapers. Educated at St Julian’s Comprehensive School, Gwent College for Further Education, Jonathan gained a B.A. (Hons) in History at St David's University College, Lampeter, has an MA Celto-Roman Studies from University of Wales, Newport and is working on a Research PhD in Archaeology in Roman Archaeology at the School of History and Archaeology at Cardiff University.

Jonathan's political interests include affordable housing, public transport and economic development. His non-political interests include the gym, hill walking, trekking, and writing as well as supporting Newport County, the Gwent Dragons and Newport Rugby Football Club.