For the last week I have been knocking on doors across Monmouthshire talking to residents about their hopes and fears for the future.

For most people the overriding concern is the state of the economy and how this is going to effect public service pensions, levels of tax and mortgage interest rates. Most of us understand that if you spend more than you earn you will eventually face ruin, whether you are a family, a small business or a great nation.

This is where we are after 13 years of a Labour Government which was spending beyond its means and borrowing heavily to bridge the gap before the economic crisis hit.

If we don't reduce public spending or increase taxes, the lenders will stop lending and the Government's only means of paying its bills will be to print money.

Hyperinflation will follow and we will be reduced to the level of a banana republic - without the sunshine or the bananas!

Two other issues arise. Many are angry that whatever the justification for the war in Iraq, we were led into it under false pretences.

The person responsible for the deceit has reportedly gone on to make £20 million working for oil companies who are profiting from doing business there.

Meanwhile, the current Prime Minister was responsible as Chancellor for cutting the budget of the army then denied all knowledge of this until being criticised by the Head of Government Statistics.

As a former member of the TA in Newport, although with no active service, I absolutely deplore the way in which our Armed Forces have been treated.

The other issue which concerns many, including me, is immigration.

I believe I speak for many British people of all races and religions when I say Britain is already crowded and the current levels of immigration are putting a strain on public services.

Furthermore, there are too many people arriving here who do not seem to accept that by entering our country they have the moral obligation to accept our laws and traditions. A firm but fair immigration policy is long overdue.

There are many other issues which are going to be important in the week ahead. I will be out every day discussing them and explaining what a Conservative Government would do to make life better for all. I welcome any thoughts or questions from readers who reside in my constituency.

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