Like many, I was taken in by Tony Blair in 1997. His charisma and charm won me over. Being a South Wales Valleys girl where I attended the local comprehensive school, I’ve always held a strong sense of social conscience and community spirit.

I felt it was time for change and I believed Blair would provide that change. Sadly, I feel now that I was deceived.

I didn’t ever imagine I’d go into politics until the day came when I felt so frustrated and disillusioned with ‘New Labour’s’ arrogance and refusal to listen to the people, that I decided to put myself up for election as a councillor.

I felt a lay-person’s ordinary common sense approach was needed in politics. I won that election and have worked for my ward constituents on issues that are important to them. I have never claimed a penny in expenses because I believe it's an honour to be elected by the people and I take the roll of serving them very seriously.

I was brought up by my grandparents in the Rhondda. Nana was staunch Labour and Gramps was a Tory.

As you can imagine there were some interesting and sometimes heated debates in our household.

It made me realise the importance of being objective in my observations of what candidates and their political parties represent. We all want the best outcomes, though we take different routes to achieve them.

I’m saddened that during this election campaign there have been personal and unfair attacks made against me.

I always attack the issue, never the individual. Conservative candidates, are required to apply for every seat that is advertised, however I made it known that Newport East was my first choice and so when I was selected at St. Julian’s Conservative Club last year I felt so proud to be selected to represent you, the people of Newport East.

If you elect me as your MP I will concentrate on tackling the problems that affect your quality of life in Newport East.

I will speak up loud and clear for you and I will never be afraid to vote against the government if I believe it is in the interests of the people.

I will work to bring back industry and jobs to Newport. I’ll work to ensure that our policy on immigration is enforced and I’ll ensure we reduce anti-social behaviour and crime.