Fiona Cross is 30 years old with two young children. She was elected in 2008 as a Plaid Councillor.

Her work background was supporting adults with learning and behavioural difficulties and Education.

She left school without the qualifications that she wanted and has worked her way through adult education to improve her employment opportunities.

Fiona believes Newport East needs a new local champion who will put the community first. At a time when the same old politics from Westminster has made people rightly angry, Fiona is seeking a chance to reconnect with the community street by street.

Given the opportunity Fiona would introduce legislation through a Private Members Bill. Named the Reducing the Environmental Impact of Business Bill, it would place a "Duty of Care to the Environment" on Company Directors making them responsible for reducing the environmental impact of their business operations.

Plaid believes that the Welsh people need to be protected by the cuts that are due from the London-based parties. Many pensioners live in poverty; Plaid would increase a single person’s pension to at least £130 a week and increase a couple’s pension to £202 a week. Fiona believes that giving pensioners the dignity of not having to choose between eating and heating is a priority.

Banks need to be radically changed. The ordinary Welsh person was not involved in the risky lending and huge bonuses. Fiona believes that wholesale banking reform is needed, and that the banking industry must be made to pay back far more of the deficit that they have caused.

With a hung parliament a real possibility, Fiona along with her Plaid colleagues will be seeking to get the best deal for Wales. A priority is fairer funding for Wales. The Westminster parties have overseen a system that leaves Wales £300million underfunded each year.

This money will be vital in protecting Wales' frontline public services. Only by electing Plaid Mps can the people of Wales be sure they will get the best deal for Wales.

Wales' economy needs to keep growing. Plaid would set up a special venture capital fund to give our businesses the funds they need to develop new ideas, to expand and to create sustainable jobs in all parts of Wales.

People are angry at the same old tired Westminster politics. It is time to Think Different, Think Plaid. Fiona Cross cares about Newport East, Plaid care about Wales.