LYNDON J Binding was born in South Wales in 1971.

He is an elected county borough councillor and chair of health and social services scrutiny committee; he is also chair of his local community first partnership and has been for a number of years.

This Welsh general election campaign should not be an argument between the London-based parties about who is going to cut the hardest and the deepest, Lyndon wants to focus on what he will be delivering for the people of Newport West.

All too often we are hearing in the press about the London-based parties saying there going to do this, they want to do that, Plaid Cymru has a real programme to deliver on its pledges in Newport and inWales. Lyndon says “the time for political rhetoric is coming to an end, the time for delivering on pledges is here”. The Con Dem pact is hittingWales hard and hitting Newport harder, you only have to look at the high street to see the impact of the cuts in Newport already, and we all know there are more to come with the closure of the Passport Office in its present form.

Newport and the surrounding areas need a development plan that is going to deliver high-quality jobs, communitybased health and social facilities, and more affordable housing to keep our communities together and alive.

Our small businesses and suppliers need a level playing field so that they can compete against the larger retail chains, and our town centres need to be at the heart of our communities. We need to put people back at the centre of why we develop our towns and city, and ensuring those redevelopments are meeting the peoples needs.

This will only be achieved by using your vote wisely in the Welsh general election and voting for a party who can make a difference for the positive in our local communities and our city.

A service manager for a local authority, he has worked in health and social care for the last 19 years, working with local community groups to ensure that the services provided are meeting the needs of those community’s.

Lyndon’s political interests include health and social care, community cohesion, the development of locally-based services, and economic development and regeneration.

His non-political interests include reading, hill walking, watching comedy and supporting the Welsh rugby team.