Fred Wildgust, Independent

3:00pm Friday 30th April 2010

Use tactical voting on election day.

We all know the stories of the MP's expenses scandal, new central heating boilers to floating duck houses.

Its time to sweep Westminster clean, out with the old and in with the new. The Labour Party have controlled Torfaen for decades and what do we have for it, high unemployment, poor health services, a failing education system and a council that seriously inept.

Together we can change this and set Torfaen free of Labour's stranglehold. We can live in a borough where all political views are equally respected and politicians work together instead of in secret. With the careful use of tactical voting, we can rid Torfaen of Labour's dominance once and for all, and have an MP that will work with all political parties.

Mainstream political parties cant win the seat in Torfaen they simply don't have the support. The people of Torfaen are not Conservatives, they are hard working people with socialist values; just like me. Please don't waste your vote on national party candidates, that cant win the Labour seat; vote for a local man that can!

As a former coal miner, I have voted Labour all my life and understand how important it is to people. But, I am also a realist and I know we cannot continue to allow Torfaen to be dominated by the failing Labour regime, they are squeezing the life out of the borough. The people of Torfaen must act decisively and with courage to save Torfaen by ending the reign of the Labour regime, the only way of doing this is by the use of tactical voting on the 6th May.

I consider myself to be the biggest political threat to the Labour Party in Torfaen, I am a well known and liked local politician. I live in the borough, I know the people, I know how local politics works and I can win...

If you trust me with your vote, I promise you that I will work with all political groups in Torfaen and at a national level to make Torfaen a better and safer place to live. I will answer directly to you the resident and you will control Torfaens destiny by having a direct influence on all government votes. People are far more important than the political party.


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