WORK EXPERIENCE: Our man tries piano-tuning

South Wales Argus: Work Experience - John Phillips at Paul's Pianos. Paul Stevens shows John how to tune a Piano. (11014285)

6:22pm Friday 10th October 2014

Patience, skills and a good ear - JOHN PHILLIPS finds out what's required working in a piano workshop.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter tries fitting bras

South Wales Argus: Argus reporter Becky Carr tries work experience at the Marks & Spencer Lingerie Department in Spytty Retail Park.  Pictured left is section manager Nicky Moulton with Becky. (10934510)

6:21pm Friday 3rd October 2014

MORE than 70 per cent of women are wearing the wrong bra size, a statistic that the bra fitters at M&S are trying to change one bust at a time, as BECKY CARR finds out.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our man makes sure kids’ dinner is served

South Wales Argus: Caio Iwan Work Experience Lunchtime Supervisor at Nant-Celyn Primary School. Caio serves up lunch. (10434724)

6:32pm Friday 26th September 2014

The job of lunchtime supervisor at a Gwent school is not just about doling out mashed potato - it has an important role in the battle to keep children's attention in class and re-inforce good standards of behaviour, as CAIO IWAN found out.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter becomes a dental nurse

South Wales Argus: Work experience at Bethcar Dental Practice, Ebbw Vale
PREPARING MOUTHWASH  Argus reporter, Becky Carr, in her role as a dental nurse (10361340)

6:15pm Friday 19th September 2014

FOR many people, even ten minutes is too long to spend at the dentists, but what about the people that work there? BECKY CARR tries her hand at being a dental nurse.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter gets to grips with running a B&B at the West Usk Lighthouse

South Wales Argus: Argus reporter Francesca Gillett tries her hand with work experience in a B&B at the West Usk Lighthouse in St Bride's.  Pictured changing the bed linen is Francesca with Ya Qin the house keeper. (9352099)

5:51pm Friday 22nd August 2014

The work never ends when running a B&B as FRAN GILLETT discovered when she spent a morning at West Usk Lighthouse.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Mucking in and picking up after litter bugs

South Wales Argus: Work Expereience-Helping Natural Resources Wales clean up thye Newport Wetlands
PREPARED  Argus reporter Becky Carr with reserve manager Kevin Dupe (8997204)

3:04pm Friday 15th August 2014

Plastic bottles and industrial fridges are just some of the many items of rubbish that get washed up at the Newport Wetlands. BECKY CARR went to help Natural Resources Wales to clean up.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Summer playscheme volunteer

South Wales Argus: Becky Carr - Work Experience at Torfaen Play Scheme. Becky with volunteers Courtney Webb, Hannah James, Anna Cullaton, Dylan Zenedee, Leahmara Morris, Katy Atwood and Josh Sumner. (8831891)

6:26pm Friday 8th August 2014

SCHOOL'S out, the sun is shining and the kids need entertaining. BECKY CARR finds out what its like to be a summer playscheme volunteer.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our man becomes a butcher

South Wales Argus: Work Experience - Caio Iwan at Turner's butchers. Pictured is Caio putting a finished burger in a machine to be packed. (8255372)

6:21pm Friday 1st August 2014

IT'S not a job for everyone, but there are those who dedicate their lives to it. CAIO IWAN tries his hand as a butcher in Newport.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Getting green-fingered at the garden centre

South Wales Argus: Argus reporter Fran Gillett tries work experience at Sunnydale Garden Centre in Croesyceiliog.  Pictured outside the entrance on left is Jason Samuel and Fran. (8122476)

6:35pm Friday 18th July 2014

From assembling garden furniture to watering lots and lots of plants, FRAN GILLETT tries her hand working at Cwmbran's Sunnydale Garden Centre.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Trading standards raise the bar for traders

South Wales Argus: AT WORK: Jen tests a petrol pump for accuracy

5:04pm Friday 11th July 2014

IMAGINE eating a 7oz steak, stopping off to fill up your car on your way home and then later winding down with a Smirnoff and coke in the pub.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Curator at Pontypool Museum

South Wales Argus: Reporter Hayley Mills tries her hand with work experience at the Pontypool Museum.  Pictured is Hayley watering plants that are on sale at the museum. (7065879)

6:26pm Friday 20th June 2014

HAYLEY MILLS goes back in time to help out staff at Pontypool Museum.

Library work experience

South Wales Argus: Work Experience Librarian.  Pictured left is Argus reporter Jen Mills with Newport Central Library manager Sian Jones. (6780697)

6:21pm Friday 13th June 2014

JEN MILLS got lost in a world of books, history and imagination when she find out what it was like to work as a librarian.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Argus reporter tries beauty therapy

South Wales Argus: Work Experience - Heaven Sent Day Spa. Carys using the VPL (Variable Pulse Light) on Katie Wenzel. (6805286)

6:14pm Friday 6th June 2014

Pampering is what staff at The Health and Serenity Spa in Newport do best. Carys Thomas has a go at being a beauty therapist.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter learns the art of breadmaking

South Wales Argus: Work experience for Jen Mills with Bill King Artisan Baker of Cwmbran
READY TO BAKE  Jen pops the bread into the oven (6441101)

12:57pm Thursday 5th June 2014

THE first rule of baking is you need to show the dough who’s boss.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter tries wood-carving

South Wales Argus: Work Experience reporter Sophie Brownson spends a morning with Carpenter Paul Roberts in his workshop at Tredegar House.  Pictured is the sign and entrance to the Craft Units. (6174797)

6:16pm Friday 23rd May 2014

Beautifully crafted and polished, the end result of woodcraft is certainly impressive as reporter SOPHIE BROWNSON found out when she tried her hand at wood carving.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Argus reporter is British Gas engineer

South Wales Argus: Argus reporter Keiligh Baker joins British Gas Boiler Engineer Kirsty Williams for some work experience.  Pictured is Kirsty next to a boiler unit she is servicing. (5849886)

6:26pm Friday 16th May 2014

I’M SURE there are plenty of little girls who dream of being engineers, but I was never one of them.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Lock Keeper on the Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal

South Wales Argus: WORK EXPERIENCE: Sophie on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal in Llangynidr with Rob Hughes. (5626689)

6:10pm Friday 9th May 2014

Rewarding and relaxing, SOPHIE BROWNSON discovers there is fun to be had as a lock keeper on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Argus man restores vintage drums

South Wales Argus: John Phillips Work Experience at Nick Hopkin Drums in Abergavenny. John helps to polish one of the drums. (5658349)

6:15pm Friday 2nd May 2014

AS I set foot in Nick Hopkin’s workshop, I stumble across a treasure trove of vintage drum kits, some dating back to the Roaring Twenties.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our man becomes Italian chef

South Wales Argus: Argus reporter John Phillips tries his hand as a chef at the Gemelli Italian Restaurant in Newport.  Pictured outside the restaurant on left is co owner Pasquale Cinotti with John.   (5366321)

6:30pm Friday 18th April 2014

JOHN PHILLIPS put his masterchef skills to the test when he became a cook at Newport's Gemelli restaurant

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter gets bushcrafty

South Wales Argus: Laura creates a spark with a steel and flint (4893157)

6:07pm Friday 11th April 2014

Reporter LAURA LEA swapped her notepad for sticks and stones as she joined activity instructors at the Govilon Activity Centre.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Fashion designer for the day

6:11pm Friday 4th April 2014

It was time to get creative when KEILIGH BAKER paid a visit to the University of South Wales to find out all about being a fashion designer.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter helps out at Pontypool tots' group

South Wales Argus: Hayley Mills work experience at Messy Moos in Penygarn, Pontypool. Hayley introducing herself to the kids at Messy Moos. (4506344)

10:16am Friday 28th March 2014

CHILDREN’S crafting group Messy Moos is the brainchild of two mothers. Reporter Hayley Mills decided to get elbow deep in paint to help children paint rainbows for the day.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Argus man re-enacts Roman life at Caerleon museum

South Wales Argus: Work Experience - Reporter John Phillips at the National Roman Legion Museum in Caerleon. John in a suit of Roman armour. (4447251)

6:10pm Friday 21st March 2014

AS A journalist I have come across situations that show that the pen can in certain circumstances be said to be mightier than the sword.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Going, going, gone - our reporter becomes an auctioneer

South Wales Argus: Laura Lea learns the trade with Paul Fosh Auctions

4:17pm Monday 17th March 2014

Reporter LAURA LEA met auctioneer Paul Fosh to find out the fastest and most exciting way to buy and sell property in Gwent.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Reporter Laura Lea tunes in to the city's beat at Newport City Radio

South Wales Argus:

9:02am Sunday 2nd March 2014

Reporter LAURA LEA called into the headquarters of Newport City Radio to tune in with the passionate team behind the station for Work Experience.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter tries her hand as a magician

6:08pm Friday 21st February 2014

Stepping into a world of magic, reporter SOPHIE BROWNSON is taught by magician Jason Tatton aka Jase The Ace Magician on how to dazzle an audience with a range of tricks.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Learning the florist's arts

South Wales Argus: Argus reporter Laura Lea tries work experience as a florist.  Pictured left is florist Ann Barton explaining to Laura to spray a leaf shine before starting the bouquet. (3692586)

6:20pm Friday 14th February 2014

Reporter LAURA LEA spent an afternoon with Pill florist Ann Barton making a bouquet worthy of St Valentine himself and discovering the role this shop really plays in the community.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter tries rabbit breeding

6:05pm Friday 7th February 2014

SOPHIE BROWNSON tried out working with award-winning rabbit breeder Kerry Gwillym.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Friendly face eases the pain of gym session

South Wales Argus: THAT’S MY BOY: Rob, right, with Nathan after the gym session Pictures: JON BEVAN

6:10pm Friday 31st January 2014

Weight-training offers significant health benefits, but not everyone knows their biceps from their triceps. Reporter ROB OWEN found out about being a personal trainer before putting his skills to the test on colleague and volunteer Nathan Briant at the Wales National Velodrome gym

WORK EXPERIENCE: Time flies when you work as a watch repairer

South Wales Argus: Argus reporter Sophie Brownson tries her hand at the watch repairs and sales shop on Stow Hill in Newport.  Pictured is Sophie using an Eye Glass used for magnification.   (3473110)

6:30pm Friday 24th January 2014

TIME flies when you’re having fun as our reporter SOPHIE BROWNSON discovered when she tried out being a watch and clock repairer for a day at Newport specialist Leonard W Cole

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our man pitches in at Brynmawr's Market Hall Cinema

South Wales Argus: WORK EXPERIENCE: Caio Iwan pitches in at Brynmawr's Market Hall Cinema

6:20pm Friday 10th January 2014

IT WAS a cinematic experience like no other.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter Sophie is a dog groomer for the day

South Wales Argus: Argus Reporter Sophie Brownson does work experience at the Penylan Country Lodge, dog grooming parlour.  Pictured is Sophie meeting Alfie a King Charles Spaniel. (3052428)

7:44pm Friday 3rd January 2014

FROM cutting to shampooing SOPHIE BROWNSON ensures that dogs have the full works when she tries out being a dog groomer at Penylan Country Lodge in Caldicot for the day.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Nathan Briant helps out Newport recycling

South Wales Argus: Nathan recycling in Bettws (2702716)

6:10pm Friday 13th December 2013

I HAD seen Wastesavers workers around Newport, mostly early in the morning on my way to Argus Towers, and was keen to see whether what they did was difficult, or simply them merrily lobbing plastic boxes into a truck with little effort.

WORK EXPERIENCE: He’s behind you! Reporter turns Newport panto star

South Wales Argus: Argus Reporter Paul Carey spends a days work experience at the Riverside Theatre, with the Cast and Crew of the Panto Beauty and the Beast. Paul ready to play his part in rehearsals. (2716999)

6:06pm Friday 6th December 2013

EVER wondered what it would be like to work on a pantomime? PAUL CAREY finds out...and, Paul, they're behind you!

WORK EXPERIENCE: Carving a living out of stone

South Wales Argus: TRYING HER HAND: Emma Mackintosh starts stone carving

6:10pm Friday 29th November 2013

CARVING stone is described as a "slow" art form in this hectic modern age. EMMA MACKINTOSH went to try her hand at this ancient past-time.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Sophie Brownson becomes a barista for the day

South Wales Argus: Sophie makes a coffee watched by barista Giovanni Casaluce (2522595)

6:10pm Friday 22nd November 2013

There is a definite skill involved in making the perfect coffee as SOPHIE BROWNSON discovers when she tries out being a barista for a day.

WORK EXPERIENCE: It's lights, camera, action for Emma Mackintosh on a film set

South Wales Argus: WORK EXPERIENCE: It's lights, camera, action for Emma Mackintosh on a film set

6:02pm Friday 15th November 2013

WORKING on a film set is not all glitz and glamour - there's sweat, long hours, and camaraderie too, as EMMA MACKINTOSH found out.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Melissa Jones tries out as a pet photographer

South Wales Argus: Work experience feature with award winning pet photographer Tracey Clements at Wye Valley Studios in Caldicot, Argus Reporter Melissa Jones gets to know her subject, Gertie, a Bassett Hound puppy (2227847)

6:02pm Friday 8th November 2013

THE old adage is that you should never work with children or animals. But MELISSA JONES proved it wrong when she joined an award-winning pet photographer to learn the ropes.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Reporter Hayley Mills tries her hand at cider making on Blaengawney Farm near Hafodyrynys

South Wales Argus: Andy and Hayley grade the apples before they are pulped (1702145)

6:02pm Friday 1st November 2013

MANY have sampled their produce over the summer months, so reporter HAYLEY MILLS headed to Blaengawney Farm near Hafodyrynys to find out just how its cider is made.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter is guided by man's best friend

South Wales Argus: Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Lisa Macdonald hands control of "Lucas" to a blindfolded Ruth  (1617888)

6:02pm Friday 25th October 2013

You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but when it comes to guide dogs its a completely different tale as RUTH MANSFIELD finds out.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Shopping until you drop as a personal shopper

South Wales Argus: Work Experience - Personal Shopper at Debenhams Cardiff. Sophie is shown the ropes by Debenhams Personal Shopper Elia Diniz-Thomas. (1461584)

6:20pm Friday 18th October 2013

Shopping as a profession is a dream come true, as SOPHIE BROWNSON discovers when she is a personal shopper for the day at department store DEBENHAMS.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Sophie Brownson tries her hand as a beauty consultant

South Wales Argus: Sophie tests the cosemetics on the hand of Laura Sterling (1303047)

6:02pm Friday 11th October 2013

ARMED with a variety of brushes and a ton of knowledge - being a beauty consultant is harder than it looks, as SOPHIE BROWNSON discovered when she entered a world of beauty at Newport department store Wildings.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Heroes of hard shoulder save many a day

South Wales Argus: Argus reporter, Jennifer Mills Work Experience out with an AA patrol in Newport. Jennifer working out on patrol. (1159513)

6:02pm Friday 4th October 2013

AS STEVE Smith and I sit in Tesco car park in Newport at 7.30am, waiting for our coffee to cool down enough to drink, the call comes in.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Rewards are so sweet on lollipop patrol

South Wales Argus: Argus Reporter Sophie Brownson on work experience as a lollipop lady outside Cwm Primary School

6:40pm Friday 27th September 2013

IT’S NOT every day you get to wield a giant lollipop, but that’s exactly what I did when I became a lollipop lady for the day at Cwm Primary School.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter takes to the fish counter

South Wales Argus: FISHMONGER FOR A DAY: Argus reporter Melissa Jones

12:28pm Friday 6th September 2013

ALWAYS game for a challenge, reporter MELISSA JONES spent an afternoon trying out a very different job with Monmouthshire’s happiest fishmonger Sarah O’Connor

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter lives the Flashdance fantasy and goes welding

South Wales Argus: KITTED OUT: Reporter Ruth Mansfield is spoilt for choice as she looks at the array of equipment at the City of Newport campus in Nash, where she is set to try her hand at welding

2:40pm Friday 31st May 2013

Inspired by Flashdance, RUTH MANSFIELD went to Coleg Gwent’s newly refurbished welding centre in Newport to try her hand at welding.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our reporter takes to Newport's Transporter Bridge

South Wales Argus: HIGH LIFE: Reporter Danielle Sheridan tries her hand at working on Newport’s Transporter Bridge

1:40pm Friday 24th May 2013

EVER fancied working on Newport’s most iconic landmark? We sent DANIELLE SHERIDAN to try her hand on the city’s famous Transporter Bridge.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Vintage clothing is a cut above jumble sale items

9:40am Saturday 13th April 2013

VINTAGE fan and Argus reporter KEILIGH BAKER entered preloved heaven when she volunteered for the day at Abergavenny's first social enterprise, Vintage Vision.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Our man fences with the Gwent Sword Club

South Wales Argus: RIGHT, I’M READY: Reporter Will Bain salutes as he prepares to try his hand at being a fencing coach with the Gwent Sword Club

2:40pm Friday 25th January 2013

REPORTER WILL BAIN swashes his buckle and tries his hand at being a fencing coach, with the Gwent Sword Club.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Argus man tries life as Newport County mascot

South Wales Argus: DOGGED DETERMINATION: Reporter Will Bain tries his hand at being Spytty the Dog, Newport County AFC’s mascot

11:30am Friday 16th November 2012

It’s a dog’s life for reporter WILL BAIN as he tries his hand at being Newport County’s trusty mascot, Spytty.

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