A GWENT grandmother has become pretty used to babysitting after she became a grandmother to seven granddaughters in seven years.

The Benger family has seen a new baby girl born into the family almost every year for the last seven years.

Judith Benger is a proud grandmother to Aimee, seven, Jessica, six, Lily, four, Erin, three, Hannah, two and 11-month-old Katie.

The latest addition to the clan is three-week-old Hallie, who was born on September 26 weighing nine pounds 15 ounces, and is a sister for seven-year-old Aimee.

Mrs Benger, 58, from Cwmcarn, works part-time and often helps out with the babysitting.

"I'm very used to babysitting and most days I see one of them. It's lovely to think that in my old age I'll have lots of visitors."

Mrs Benger said the grandchildren, who live in Wattsville, Oakdale and Pontypool, get on very well.

She said: "They're all really excited when they see each other. They love each other and I can see a lot of resemblance in them."

Mrs Benger, who is mother to Marc, Christopher and Sarah, said she never expected her grandchildren would all be girls.

"We always have bets on the weight and sex. Every time I said it's going to be a boy and I've never been right," she said.

Mrs Benger said the family also go on holidays together with a possible trip planned to Cyprus for her 60th birthday.