CONCERNS were raised about the future of businesses, congestion on roads and over-crowding at the local school if a Gipsy camp is located in Marshfield.

Newport council has published a list of five potential  sites for the controversial encampment,  which include Hartridge Farm Road and Brickyard Lane, Allt-yr-yn, while the preferred option for a transit site is a yard off the A449.

Celtic Way, Marshfield, has been chosen as an alternative transit site if the preferred option could not be developed, with locals expressing concern.

Victoria Maud said the Marshfield community council had a village meeting and is taking advice on how to object.

Ellie Osborn, who lives in Castleton, said "a lot of residents are concerned",  pointing to the already congested roads around the A48.

She said: "It's a small site, but the areas around it are already well-populated. There too many people in the Castleton area already and with people driving through to work as well, people are worried there'll be even more congestion."

Ms Osborn also pointed to possible over-crowding at Marshfield Primary, something re-iterated by Newport city councillor for Marshfield, Richard White, who said applications exceeded its capacity by four for this year.

He added: "I'm not sure it's a good site. Close by, there's a very big electricity sub-station that could be very dangerous to inquisitive children. There's also the remains of lakes constructed before the LG site, which could also be dangerous."

Cllr White also questioned what the effect would be on the site's nearest neighbour- one of Newport's biggest employer's Quinn's Radiators.

The company, which promotes itself as "the largest state of the art domestic radiator manufacturer in the world" has already vented its anger at the proposal.

During the consultation process, its letter of objection was one of 7,100 responses received relating to all the sites being considered.