A SHELTERED housing scheme in Blaenavon is to be demolished.

In April last year, it was announced that residents of Kennard Court would have to move out of their homes permanently because of asbestos. But the future of the complex remained unclear until now.

Residents first began to worry about Kennard Court’s future last February, after Bron Afon said it was looking into alternative uses for some of their retirement schemes, because of a lack of demand.

Residents said they did not want to leave their homes or have their community broken up, but the majority of residents have now moved out.

Many people claimed Bron Afon had left them in the dark about plans for the future of their homes during one-to-one sessions.

At a board meeting last month, Bron Afon made the decision to demolish the building once it is empty.

Community housing officer for Bron Afon Clare Dullea said: “Following in-depth consultation with key partners and agencies, Bron Afon’s Board took the decision at its December 6 meeting to demolish Kennard Court. All services will be kept in place, so that in the future, Bron Afon will hopefully be able to provide more suitable accommodation on the site.”

Bron Afon previously said investigations showed that removing the asbestos for improvement work would involve huge upheaval for older residents and the board had taken the difficult decision that the best solution was to help people make a permanent move.

A month after this decision was made, Bron Afon had to apologise to Kennard Court residents after a letter mixup gave them false hope they would be able to stay in their homes.

The letters, which were meant for Sid Griffiths residents in Garndiffaith, said their homes would be improved, communal areas decorated and empty properties advertised to let.