A CWMBRAN parody of the hit Korean single Gangnam Style is the latest YouTube sensation racking up more than 1,150 hits just hours after it was posted online.

The video, Cwmbran Shop-in Style, created by Fairwater dad Scott Wilson, shows him driving around the town and describing its sights including the new Morrisons supermarket, Congress Theatre, cinema and gym, through a string of witty lyrics.

The guitar and percussion tutor encourages people to come to the town citing its free parking, good transport links and shopping discounts as reasons to visit.

He sings: "Hey check out our savings, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, Cwmbran shopping style" to the song’s famous chorus.

Shot and edited last weekend and posted online Monday night the video was just supposed to be a bit of fun. the film was shot and edited by friend Darius Ezard.

But Mr Wilson was "shocked" and "amazed" by the response it has received on the video sharing website where people have praised his version of the former British number one.

He said: "I never expected this. I heard the original and at the same time found some parodies about it and it as a case of thinking, ‘I’m sure I could do a funnier one’, and incorporate home at the same time.

"I teach music and play music but this was just something I thought we could have a laugh with. Never in my right mind did I think this would happen."

"The reaction has been absolutely fabulous. It was a shock in the morning when I saw how many hits it had."

Mr Wilson, 34, who is the guitarist and lead singer of Cwmbran rock band, Untitled, isn’t even a fan of this genre of music and only became aware of Gangnam Style months after its release.

Having studied martial arts as a child he can understand basic Korean so was able to interpret the words of the original hit, which is sang by Psy and is as much famed for its accompanying dance routine as its catchy tune.

He then started playing around with the words and decided to rewrite the lyrics in tribute to his hometown.