FIVE resignation letters by former Rogiet community councillors highlight that they lay the blame for leaving firmly at the door of fellow councillor and county councillor Linda Guppy.

The damning criticism of her behaviour was spelled out in four of the five resignation letters, which were all read out in public after the rescheduled AGM of the council.

Cllr Guppy was accused of “behaving against the community”, having acted with “sheer belligerence and antagonism”, shown “negativity towards her fellow councillors” and had an “attitude” towards the council which was a “total disgrace.”

Rogiet Community Council met on May 22 for its AGM, where the letters of resignation were read out in full by clerk to the council Maureen Williams.

Former councillor Keith Hinwood’s letter stated his “main reason” for not being able to continue on the council was because he “cannot accept the digusting behaviour of Linda Guppy.”

He said: “She appears to be behaving against the community in all areas.”

The second resignation letter, from former chairman of the council Mike Smith, said: “As the chairman for the past year it has been a rough ride with almost monthly disputes and arguments with county councillor Guppy.”

He said: “Cllr Guppy, for no reason other than sheer belligerence and antagonism, has spoken against, voted against, worked against everything that the council has tried to achieve in the past 12 months and on a personal level has made my position as the chair untenable.”

He said: “Cllr Guppy does not share or appear to have any notion of what the village needs or how things can be improved.”

The third letter, from former councillor Anthony John, stated: “I can no longer work alongside Cllr Guppy.”

He spoke of what he believed to be Cllr Guppy’s “attitude and negativity” towards her fellow councillors, which he found “intolerable”.

The fourth resignation, from former community councillor Rob Hayes, said “one councillor” had “dragged the community down in my opinion”.

The fifth letter read out was that from former community councillor Judith Pugh.

“Mrs Guppy’s attitude to all members of the community council but particularly Mike Smith has been a total disgrace,” she wrote.

Cllr Guppy declined to comment on the criticisms.

Five empty seats now remain on the council.

If more than five people are nominated to become councillors an election will be held.

● We would like to make it clear the five letters of resignation were not seen by us before the council had possession of them.

Chairwoman voted back in

ROGIET Community Council’s AGM saw the appointment of the new chairwoman and vice-chairwoman.

Cllr Hazel Bennett expressed her thanks to all of the council, the clerk and all the outgoing council for their hard work throughout the year before stepping down from her seat as vice-chairwoman, only to be unanimously voted back in as chairwoman of the council for the next 12 months.

Cllr Bennett said: “I work for you now as it were because that is my role as I see it.”

A secret ballot was then held for the vice-chairwoman to be appointed. Cllr Guppy won with four votes to two and accepted the seat.