A YOUNG gymnast who overcame a rare form of cancer is starting secondary school in September.

Just five years ago, Jazmine Martine, 11, was diagnosed with Wilms’ Tumour on her left kidney, which grew to the size of a small football.

She endured chemotherapy and later had the tumour and kidney removed in a seven hour operation.

Following this, Jazmine started gymnastics and fell in love with the sport, hoping to turn the new found hobby into a professional career.

But the Pontypool youngster and her family were dealt another blow, when in June 2009, they were told that the cancer had returned to her spine.

This was rare as it usually only attacks organs, so experts around the world were consulted about what to do.

As it was too dangerous to operate, Jazmine endured six months of intensive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and stem cell treatment.

She had to stop gymnastics for ten months while she underwent the treatment.

But her swift recovery amazed doctors and she was able to resume her hobby, and now she practices for 15 hours a week with Sally Gymnastics Acadamy.

Earlier this year, Jazmine was referred to the charity, Round Table Children’s Wish, who granted her wish to meet her hero Olympic ace Beth Tweddle MBE.

Jazmine, who was joined by sister Rosie, nine, for the training session, said: "I watched Beth in the Olympics and it was amazing to meet her.”

Now, the youngster is taking the next big step in her life and starting Abersychan Comprehensive School in September.

Her mum, Beth Fairburn, explained that despite Jazmine having to miss year three of primary school, thanks to her daughter's hard work and tutoring she hasn't missed out educationally.

Jazmine said that at school she is looking forward to art lessons, but her dream is to have a gymnastics career.