YOU knows it: Newport’s rap collective are back, and this time they’ve brewed their own beer as well as a new album.

Goldie Lookin Ale is being produced by Tiny Rebel Brewery, in collaboration with Diverse Music and Goldie Lookin’ Chain.

The ale – golden, naturally – will have floral aromas with fruit punch flavours, have a medium bitterness and be a drinkable 4.5 per cent.

Stalwart member of the group Eggsy went along to Tiny Rebel in Maesglas with fellow bandmembers yesterday to help with the barrelling. He said: “We’re all amped up that we’ve got our own ale. I sampled half a pint at 11am. It’s so much better than just having a lot of fizzy rubbish lager shoved into your face – it’s like drinking velvet.

“I wanted to take off all my clothes and get into the vat so they’d have some authentic GLC DNA, but apparently that’s illegal.

“People are welcome to contact me and I’ll add it separately for flavour, but it’s pretty good already.

“I’m really excited about drinking loads of it... Responsibly, obviously.”

Tiny Rebel have brewed 2,000 litres of the beer which will come to around 42 barrels, each sold on at £74.50 excluding VAT.

Gareth Williams, co-founder of Tiny Rebel, said: “The GLC are a big part of Newport’s culture. We were approached by Paul Hawkins from Diverse Music. We were just talking and we thought, ‘Why don’t we brew a beer?’ It’s to celebrate GLC’s new album [Kings of Caerleon] and to celebrate Diverse’s 25 years in Newport.”

Bringing some of Newport’s best exports together, the ale will go on tour with the GLC and be sold across South Wales and as far as London.

Mr Williams added: “If all goes well then we might keep it as a seasonal beer.”

Paul Hawkins, co-owner of Diverse Records, said: “Diverse Music’s 25th anniversary is coming up and we thought, ‘Let’s have a party and do a celebratory brew.’

“We wanted an easy-drinking beer, something you could happily drink all night. We did have a sample from the vat – it’s tasty, really nice. The flavour will develop now over the next week or so.”

The beer will be launched at Diverse Music’s 25th anniversary party, spread over three nights of live music on September 27, 28 and 29 at Le Pub, Newport. Goldie Lookin Ale will be on tap there as well as being sold in bottles around the country.