TWO Newport men with 61 previous convictions between them have been given ASBOs lasting for two years, banning them from making a nuisance of themselves drinking in public.

Ashley Jefferson, of Lower Dock Street, and Brian Armstrong, of Campion Close, appeared at Newport Magistrates’ Court yesterday afternoon where they were warned not to breach any of the conditions imposed upon them.

Jefferson, 38, has 33 convictions for 90 offences and is known to police for behaviour including shouting, swearing, abusive and aggressive behaviour, urinating in public and dropping litter, causing distress to local Pill residents.

He appeared in court first where he stood to hear the terms of his antisocial behaviour order (ASBO).

Chairman of the bench Paul Webb told him he must not engage in conduct that is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. He gave examples of this behaviour including shouting, swearing, using foul language, following and pestering any individual or causing damage to property which didn’t belong to him while in Newport.

He also told him he should not possess any open alcoholic drink in a public place or be drunk or consume alcohol in a public place, other than in licensed premises such as a pub while within the city.

The order will cease its effect on January 16, 2016.

Brian Armstrong, 43, appeared in court later on Friday afternoon.

With 28 previous convictions, police said his behaviour was similar to Jefferson’s with abusive and aggressive behaviour and public urination causing distress to Pill residents.

Mr Webb told him he must observe two conditions to his ASBO while in Newport, the first being a general clause asking him not to cause harassment, alarm or distress and the second to not be in a group of three or more people in a public place, other than a licensed premise, if any of those people are drinking alcohol.

His ASBO will also last until January 16, 2016.