A PETER Andre fanatic has finished fundraising as part of the star’s charity initiative for Cancer Research UK – and along with smashing her original target, she also got to meet the man himself.

Samantha Williams, from Cwmbran, received a personal invite from the Mysterious Girl singer last year to become one of his champion fundraisers, after making a number of donations to the Peter Andre Foundation, to coincide with a personal weight loss mission.

After donating £1 for every lb she lost in weight, she set out to raise £300, and organised fairs and sales at her local pub The Crows Nest to boost funds – a record she has since smashed by more than £1,000. But best of all, she said, she was able to share her joy with her idol when he visited Cardiff a couple of weeks ago.

The mum-of-three, who has lost three stone since her first donation, has been in discussion with staff to fundraise on their behalf on a more long-term basis.