PHOTOGRAPHS of people wanted by Gwent Police in connection with a crime are being uploaded to a new section of the force's website for members of the public to help identify them.

Gwent Police are encouraging people to scroll through the Caught on Camera photographs and submit names of anyone they might recognise.

Since its launch in April, the site has had nearly 60,000 page views with 60 identifications being made which have led to arrests, charges and convictions.

Chief Superintendent Peter Jones, head of CID at Gwent Police, hopes to encourage more people to check the site, which is updated weekly, in a bid to identify more suspects and witnesses.

He said: "It's been a huge success. A member of the public will say 'I think that's that person' and we use that as part of all the other evidence in the investigation.

"One of the highlights we've had is an identification of a person from an offence at the beginning of 2013.

"The message from us is that we've identified people who've committed offences 18 months ago, we're not giving up looking for people."

The 90 people currently on the site, who could be from Gwent or visiting the area, are wanted in connection with crimes such as violence, criminal damage or theft.

After clicking on the 'Identify this Person' button, members of the public can type in the name of the person and their own details, but can also remain anonymous.

The information will be sent directly to the police officer investigating the case.

DCS Jones added: "It's a good method of engaging with the public and communities where the offence has taken place."

Caught on Camera does not provide any details as to why the person is wanted or where and when the image was taken.

Gwent Police plan to use the system to complement its existing appeals process of using Facebook and the Argus.

DCS Jones added: "We accept that we're living in a computer age in terms of all aspects of life and we've got to remain as modern and as up-to-date as we can.

"Some of the images are so clear. If you know the person, we'd invite you to click the button. From our perspective, the pictures are there for a reason and we would say 'send in the name'."

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