UPDATE 1.01pm: Newport council leader Bob Bright said: “I am pleased that, as the host city, Newport will be acknowledged in the logo as it will have global exposure.

“At the highest levels of government I have called for the City of Newport to be promoted whenever and wherever possible and particularly for Transporter Bridge, one of our most famous and instantly recognisable landmarks, to be featured in the logo.

“I would particularly like to thank David Jones, the Secretary of State for Wales, for his support in championing Newport.”

UPDATE 12.11pm: Welsh secretary David Jones said people should be realistic about outreach events for world leaders in the community during the summit - saying Nato leaders will have an "awful lot of business to conduct".

He said: “We’ve got to remember this is a very important summit. It comes at a time of world events where the leaders of Nato will have an awful lot of business to conduct.

“Whilst one does hope that there will be outreach, that has yet to be established and clarified. I certainly wouldn’t want to jump the gun in making any sort of announcements such as that.

“This is very much a business meeting. Nato has got a lot of serious business to transact at that summit."

He said it was right to say that people “must be realistic” about the holding of outreach events for world leaders: “The business of Nato has got to come first.”

Mr Jones was asked by the Argus why the decision was taken to name the summit after Wales and not the host city of Newport.

Mr Jones said this was because “it is important that the whole of Wales should benefit from this” and pointed to the fact that the logo focuses in part on the city of Newport itself, reflected in the bridge.

“The Prime Minister was anxious that Wales should have its place in the sun. We’ve got the Commonwealth Games in Scotland at the moment, we had the Olympics in London only a couple of years ago, we had the G8 in Northern Ireland. This is Wales’ place in the spotlight.”

He said it was “unlikely” that Newport could be sidelined “given that it is being held in Newport.”

“We want to make sure that Newport does benefit from it. I’m having a meeting with the leader of Newport council (Bob Bright) to discuss this, I’ve already had discussions with the mayor of Newport (Matthew Evans).

“I think the people of Newport actually do see the opportunity of this. This is the biggest event of its kind ever held in the UK and Newport is the host for it – that’s a huge honour and it’s also a huge opportunity for Newport.

“My discussions with leaders of the business community there and also a brief discussion I’ve had with the mayor and the leader of the council leave me in no doubt that there’s a huge opportunity."

UPDATE 11.54am: David Jones, current Welsh secretary, told journalists that the logo symbolises modern Wales and compared the Transporter Bridge to the bridge that Nato provides between countries across Europe and North America.

He said: “This is a huge opportunity for Wales to be in the focus of international attention and we want to capitalise on that.

“It’s going to be held in a particularly beautiful part of Wales, in Gwent. For those 28 hours or so it will be the focus of world attention. We want to make sure that after that we capitalise on it with a business conference, that we are working on with the Welsh Government at the moment, to make sure that the public recognition that we get as a consequence of the summit carries forward into real benefit for the people of Wales.

“The logo is very important because it symbolises the modern Wales," he explained, saying the Transporter Bridge component “amounts to a link”, and he said Nato was a bridge between countries around Europe and North America "to ensure and guarantee our security".

UPDATE 11.43am: UK foreign secretary William Hague - himself a former Welsh secretary, called Wales a "special place" that has "special people" when he spoke to journalists this morning.

He said the logo "says very important things about Wales"

"I think it demonstrates the commitment at Nato that Wales is a special place and has special people, which is something I’ve been telling Nato foreign ministers for a long time.

“It will be a very important summit in many ways. Of course we want people to feel very welcome in the UK and Wales in particular.

"In addition to that it comes at a very important time in world affairs... it comes at a time of immense challenges around the world as we’ve seen in recent weeks, through terrorism, cyber attacks, unstable states.

“This summit is also about how Nato helps other countries to build up their capability to defend themselves and partners around the world.

“There are a lot of important decisions to be made at the Wales summit. We will create atmosphere for people to be able to make those decisions."

UPDATE 11:34am: UK foreign secretary William Hague told the launch that the logo represents “many key images associated with Wales” and said the Transporter Bridge was “one of the iconic symbols of Newport”.

“We’re dedicated to making the Wales summit a great success in everyway, an important moment for our allies to appreciate the special nature of Wales and its people and also an important moment to show that Nato is a relevant... in the 21st century as it was in the last.”

UPDATE 11:21am: THE Nato Newport summit logo featuring the Newport Transporter Bridge was unveiled in Brussels's NATO HQ this morning by Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and UK foreign secretary William Hague.

Mr Rasmussen said the logo was a “vibrant tapestry that presents strong symbols of Wales in a modern way.

He said at the launch: “The castles,  The Welsh dragon, The Celtic knot,  The Newport Transport Bridge (sic) - drawing on the past, looking to the future.

“The Celtic knot represents the four ancient elements of earth, water, air and fire. To me, it also represents the unbreakable bond that binds Nato Allies together... It shows how strongly connected we are with partners across the world, and at the Summit we will further strengthen those bonds.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank the people of Wales, and indeed the whole of the United Kingdom, for hosting our next Summit in Wales. We look forward to a very successful summit in September.”

11.15am: THE logo for the Newport Nato summit has been unveiled today, with the city's Transporter Bridge featuring prominently.

The design also includes Cardiff castle, dragon and a celtic knot.