A MAN who bit a middle-aged pub-goer in the face had his appeal to reduce his six-year jail term dismissed.

Adam David Smith, 22, of Monnow Way, Bettws, Newport, buried his teeth in the cheek of Peter Robinson, in his 50s, outside a pub in the city, on August 13 last year, after launching an attack while his victim was smoking.

Smith was jailed for six years, with a two-year extended licence period, at Cardiff Crown Court in March, having pleaded guilty to wounding with intent. The judge ruled that Smith was a “dangerous” offender.

This week, Smith asked London’s Criminal Appeal Court, to reduce his punishment, claiming it was much too tough.

The court heard that 52-year-old Mr Robinson had been enjoying a sociable evening with friends and had stepped out to smoke a cigarette when Smith approached him.

Smith, who was acting strangely, told his victim: “This is our local”.

He then shouted and swore at Mr Robinson saying he would bite his “face off” before seizing his victim’s cheek between his teeth.

Mr Robinson reacted by pushing Smith off and a chunk of his cheek was torn away as Smith refused to release his grip.

Smith was arrested shortly afterwards.

He later told the police he had no memory of the attack and the first thing he remembered was waking up in a police cell.

He told police he had been drinking and had taken a legal high.

Lawyers for Smith argued that he had not inflicted very serious harm and ought to have received a shorter sentence.

However Lady Justice Macur, sitting with two other judsges, dismissed the appeal, saying that Smith had “no mitigation apart from his guilty plea”.

“We cannot conclude that the six-year term was manifestly excessive,” she said.