RESIDENTS across Caerphilly county borough will get the chance to help shape the way the council delivers services during the next few years, as it faces unprecedented budget cuts.

Like all other councils in Wales Caerphilly is under severe financial pressure as a result of a reduction in Welsh Government funding.

It has been working on a reduction in funding of 1.34 per cent for each of the next two financial years and a savings requirement of £13.4 million. But local government minister Lesley Griffiths has hinted recently that the position is likely to be much worse, and has asked councils to start planning for reductions of up to 4.5 per cent.

In the worst-case scenario in Caerphilly, this could result in a savings requirement of £30.1m over the 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years.

During August and September residents will be asked their views about the future of discretionary services, those which the council chooses to deliver, but is not legally required to do so.

Statutory services will be subject to efficiency savings targets, but the focus of the consultation will be on discretionary services and residents will be asked to prioritise those they feel are most important to the community.

The consultation will run from August 1-September 30. A questionnaire will be available on the council’s website ( and a printed version will also be available for distribution.