CHILDREN at Pill Primary School got out their drawing pencils and cameras to make a film about Newport Docks marking its centenary.

The History of the Port of Newport has already racked up more than 100 views on YouTube after it was released to mark 100 years since the South Lock opened.

Around 50 Year Five pupils visited the docks next to their school as well as researching the city’s history at Newport Museum and Art Gallery.

After choosing images, they recorded a voiceover for the short film and drew their own pictures of the docks.

Director Tom Maloney said: “I thought it was a privilege to get involved with the project. It wasn’t done quickly by the pupils – it took care and consideration. They worked with actual historical images and, in a way, gave them new life.

“I think something that touched the pupils particularly was the story of Tom ‘Toya’ Lewis.”

Tom ‘Toya’ Lewis was just a teenager when he risked his life to clamber into the collapsed trench that killed 39 men in the Newport Docks Disaster. His bravery in sawing through timbers meant one more life was saved.

Mr Maloney said: “The film focused on something that was a huge achievement for Newport and also touched on many important parts of Newport’s history.”

It took pupils around a week to make the film in time for the centenary celebrations on July 14 at the Seamen’s Mission.

The project was supported by Pill Regeneration Project andAssociated British Ports.