THE first episode of Dr Who's series 8 will have its premiere in Cardiff tomorrow.

It will be the first episode to feature Peter Capaldi starring as the Doctor and we've got Doctor Who and Cyberman masks for you to print out and make.

Download the Peter Capaldi mask

Download the Cyberman mask

Instructions: (Remember to ask a parent or guardian for permission when using scissors)

The cut-out
Use scissors to cut around the Cyberman's face, following the dotted lines as closely as possible.

Making the eye holes
Fold the paper gently in line with the eyes and cut out semi circles by following the dotted lines.

Securing the Mask
Place a piece of adhesive putty underneath the white circles on the Cyberman's face and stick a pencil all the way through.

- Now, thread a piece of string or elastic band through each of the holes, from the back to the front, and tie a small knot at each end (remember to use enough to fit around your head).

There you go, your very own Cyberman mask!