A FORMER Newport teacher is appealing for the people who helped her husband when he collapsed to get in touch so she can thank them personally.

Patricia Hawyes, 81, and her husband Sidney, 85, a former fuel engineer, were walking through Tredegar Park in Newport on July 24, when her husband collapsed.

Mrs Hawyes said they had been on their way home on a hot afternoon when her husband needed to sit down, but due to the lack of seating couldn’t make it in time and fell to the floor.

But they were in luck as she said a group of people came to their aid, and carried Mr Hawyes home.

Now the delighted couple want to track down their helpers, described as a "group of young adults" to say thank you.

“We had just been to the park and there were no seats anywhere so we decided that we would walk a bit further where there are some bollards where you can sit down on,” the former Cwmcarn Primary School teacher said.

“We started to walk over but he [Mr Hawyes] couldn’t make it any further on his walker and he just sank to the floor, and I thought ‘what I am going to do?’

“But then all these people came and they got him to his feet.

“But he still couldn’t walk so they carried him –two on the top and two on the bottom-all the way home.

“I had just got my camera out to get as snap of them when they disappeared –I just want to say thank you.

“I would say there were a group of young adults in their 20s and 30s.

“There were six all together.

“Four of them came round to the house and put him in the living room.

“We would just like to say thank you to them.

“It would be our pleasure to buy them all a drink.

“If any of them recognise themselves please get in touch.”

Did you help this couple or do you know who did? Get in touch. Email newsdesk@southwalesargus.co.uk