ANTI-Nato campaigners have confirmed routes for two proposed marches taking place in Newport.

Gwent Police and Newport City Council have been informed of the routes and are working together to make sure the marches can take place safely.

Both organisations have a legal obligation to facilitate peaceful protests and will try to minimise the disruption to the city.

The latest information has been provided by protestors and rolling road closures will be put in place.

On Saturday, August 30, campaigners intend to march from the Faulkner Road car park, which will be closed all day, from 2pm.

The proposed route will go past the railway station to the Old Green interchange before crossing Old Town Bridge.

Marchers will then pass the Cenotaph in Clarence Place, along Corporation Road, across George Street Bridge and then Commercial Road before ending in Westgate Square by about 4pm.

On Thursday, September 4, the march is due to begin at noon at the Cenotaph and then along Chepstow Road towards the Celtic Manor Resort.

A spokeswoman for Newport City Council said: "It is not known at this stage where it will end and if there will be disruption to traffic should protestors return to the city centre using the same route.

"It should be noted that the times and routes for both marches could change. Please heed advisory and diversion signs and get the latest information by visiting "