PRESSURE to confirm a new location for Newport's Medieval Ship is growing after it was revealed the deadline for its move from its current site has been delayed to December.

The ship is currently housed at the Ship Centre on Maesglas Industrial Estate but the lease for the site in Maesglas is up at the end of this year.

Conservation charity Friends of the Newport Ship originally planned to start moving the ship, believed to be more than 560 years old, by October.

The chairman of the charity, Peter Hayward, said a suitable warehouse in Newport had been identified but it was yet to be secured.

Mr Hayward said: "For us this is most frustrating. We have to be out of our current site by the end of the year, but the worry is it’s not a five minute job. It’s estimated the move will take about six weeks.”

The 15th Century ship, which is believed to come from the Basque area, was first unearthed 2002 when work started on building the Riverfront Theatre.

Tanks filled with a special water-soluble wax are currently preserving the ship’s timbers at the Maesglas centre, but ParcelForce are set to move into the site at the end of this year.

Mr Hayward said a working group had been set up with representatives from the Welsh Government, Newport Council and the Friends of the Newport Ship.

Mr Hayward said: “In June we identified a suitable warehouse. The Welsh Government said they would look at providing some funding.”

“The funding would be provided on the condition the Council maintains the same level of public access and keeps a curator for the ship.”

Geoff Brooks, a trustee of Friends of Newport ship said: “We are in a limbo on the decision. It’s up to the council; they have got some pressure on them.”

A spokesperson for the council said: “Newport City Council is currently in the process of securing new premises to house Newport Ship. Further details will be made available in due course.”

A Welsh Government spokesperson added: “We are in discussion with Newport City Council about providing some funding towards a storage solution for the Newport Ship that will also allow limited public access.”

In the future the Friends of the Newport Ship hope to re-assemble the ship and house it in a new museum in Newport.