A NEW ‘rock and ale’ bar has rescued memorabilia from a soon-to-be demolished popular pub.

Amy McCann, who owns McCann’s Rock N Ale Bar on Newport High Street, used to own The Hornblower pub and has arranged for “almost all” of its memorabilia to be moved to her new bar.

Mrs McCann, who worked at the former Hornblower pub from 2003 to 2016, said: “The pub used to be my parents and we have such good memories there. I loved every second of my time there.”

The 31-year-old former owner said she wanted the memorabilia because the former pub and its locals were “like a family to her”.

“We were, and still are, just like a family,” said Mrs McCann. “Many of the locals now come to McCann’s and still think a lot of The Hornblower.

“We have most of the old Hornblower’s memorabilia here now.

She added that there is a lot of memorabilia now at the bar.

She said: “We have Rat’s bell – this was a bell for a local who died.

“We have the old photographs from the pub on display here and have all of the Jack Daniel memorabilia dotted around here.

“We have drummer Jon Lee’s drum stick and jacket on the wall – that used to be at The Hornblower too.

“You can also find the old Hornblower’s sign from the inside of the old building here.”

The bar owner said that her bar has become the “new version” of the Hornblower pub.

“We basically are the new Hornblower here.

“You can see how much I thought of the pub because I went out of my way to get most of the items from there.

“In fact I think we all thought a lot of the Hornblower.”

The Argus previously reported last month that a planning application had been submitted by developers Pobl Group.

The plan would see 123 to 129 Commercial Street – including the former Hornblower pub – demolished and replaced with a new retail unit on the ground floor below 38 flats exclusively for over-55s .

It is recommended to be given the go-ahead.

Mrs McCann added: “I do miss the old Hornblower pub, but it was time to move on when I did.

“I now want the outside Hornblower sign here – that’s my next step.”