A MOVE to freeze council tax for residents in Monmouthshire was supported at cabinet meeting yesterday.

The authority is one of three in Wales so far to recommend a zero increase in council tax for next year.

Under the proposal, residents living in Band D would see their current rate of £1,003.69 frozen, which also means that those living within all other bands (A to I) would not face an increase.

During a discussion about its budget proposals at County Hall, the council’s leader Peter Fox said it is a credit to the council that is able to freeze council tax whilst protecting frontline services.

He said: "Times are hard for the people in Wales and in Monmouthshire and people are genuinely worried about the future."

"We have to help them through these difficult times," he added.

Other funding earmarked in the proposed budget includes an investment of £450,000 in improving numeracy and literacy in secondary schools over the next three years.

Cabinet member for finance and performance improvement, Councillor Philip Murphy said: "The protection of education is one of the cabinet’s priorities as is the protection of vulnerable adults and children."

Cllr Murphy said a further £300,000 over three years is proposed to be invested in Social Care and Health to assist with their part in the transition process.

A final decision is due to be made by the full council on March 1.

Monmouthshire council tax rates

Monmouthshire council’s rates for those residents before community council and Gwent Police Authority rates are; Band A £669.13; Band B £780.65; Band C £892.17; Band D is £1,003.69; Band E £1,226.73; Band F £1,449.77; Band G £1,672.82; Band H £2,007.38 and Band I £2341.94.