THE fiancé of a Newport woman who died suddenly aged just 40 paid tribute to a “fun loving” and “devoted” mum.

Michelle Turner, of Beechwood, died on March 29 after suffering a heart attack.

The diabetic had been well before her death and had no family history of heart problems, but doctors discovered have since discovered she had coronary heart disease.

The mother-of-two to Michael, 21, and Natasha, 18, met fiancé Keith Price, 39, last July and the couple were engage just two months later in September.

Mr Price said the pair had been inseparable since they got together and were busy planning their up coming nuptials.

He said her death had come as a huge shock to friends and relatives, who had commented that they had never seen her looking happier.

The bus driver described the Town Taxi’s receptionist as “very bubbly”.

He added: “She was everything I needed and wanted. She was just perfect in every way.”

Mr Price proposed to Ms Turner with an engagement ring made with 13 diamonds.

She loved it so much the couple decided to run with the number and set their wedding day for July 13, 2013.

Mr Price said: “Everyone says 13 is an unlucky number, but Michelle loved the fact the ring had 13 stones and all of a sudden everything started to be linked to the number 13.

“It’s not been unlucky for me, it was our number and she always said that.”

To honour that, Ms Turner’s funeral will take place at St John’s Church, Maindee on April 13, at 1.30pm. She will also be buried in plot number 313 at Christchurch Cemetery.