ANYONE caught buying alcohol for under-age drinkers in Abergavenny faces a £5,000 fine and a criminal record.

Gwent Police is clamping down on under-age drinking and working with Tesco’s supermarket to combat the problem of strangers buying alcohol for those under-age, known as proxy sales.

The store on Frogmore Street refuses to sell alcohol to anyone unable to prove their age or who they suspect is buying alcohol on behalf of someone under-age.

The neighbourhood policing team has stepped up patrols on weekends and is working with the CCTV operators who monitor the areas outside stores.

The operators look for youngsters approaching adults and can give local officers detailed descriptions of offenders, enabling them to stop anyone at the time.

Officers can seize alcohol from youngsters found drinking, have letters sent home to their parents and also refer them to Monmouthshire’s youth services.

Local police community support officer, Amanda Yung said: “Youngsters don’t realise the danger they put themselves in.

“They’re more vulnerable when drunk and can end up in hospital from excessive consumption.

“We’re urging people to think twice about the consequences for themselves and the youngsters before buying alcohol for them.”

Tesco store manager John Williams added: “We operate a strict Think 25 policy, which means if someone looks under 25 they must show ID to prove they are over 18 years old or they will not be able to buy alcohol in our store.”