A SPIRITUALIST denied asking clients to strip, perform sex acts on themselves and send him explicit photos of themselves, saying “I wouldn’t ask a partner to do that”.

Medium Karl Lang told Newport Crown Court yesterday that he has never asked a woman to get naked during his training, saying: “I believed the gift I gave them altered their lives for the better.”

Lang, 49, of Winchester Close, Newport, denies 12 counts of causing women to engage in sexual activity without consent, which are alleged to have happened between November 2005 and September 2009 and involved two women.

Prosecutor Matthew Roberts said Lang offered to give “vulnerable” women medium training as a means of getting them to undress and perform sex acts for him – telling them this would enhance their psychic powers.

But Lang denied this, calling the allegations “wicked lies”.

Giving evidence, Lang told the court that he has been able to “see, hear and communicate with spirits” since he was four.

He said in 1999, “things escalated, became a bit more dangerous when I was physically attacked by a spirit in my home”.

Lang sought help from a spiritualist church in Newport and said his abilities grew – between 2000 and 2007, he contacted the dead at hundreds of spiritual churches around the UK, performing to crowds of up to 1,000 people.

Lang’s police interview was read out, in which he told officers that one of his alleged victims took her clothes off in one of his sessions, which left him “totally shocked” adding “I wouldn’t request that of a partner”.

But, he added, the key to spiritualism is “letting yourself go. If they decide to take their clothes off, it’s their problem”.

He also denies telling both his alleged victims he is the reincarnation of Jesus Chris.

Lang told the court: ‘I’ve always said Jesus Chris is in my heart from my Christian beliefs.”


Praise for ‘good medium'

ONE of the women Lang trained to be a medium, 32- year-old Nicola Lewis, described him as a “friend”

and a “very good medium”.

In total Lang has trained five people – including the two alleged victims – and Mrs Lewis said sessions always involved her being fully clothed. She described how Lang helped her find her spiritual guides and deal with “bad spirits” that “hounded” her in her house and followed her home.