MYSTERY surrounds the circumstances of the death of a DJ, who died after falling from a balcony in the Czech Republic.

Former Croesyceiliog School pupil Rhys Davies grew up in Cwmbran, but made a life for himself in Prague after finishing his studies at university.

He died aged 27 after he fell from a balcony on September 20, 2010, at his home, following an argument with his girlfriend, Gwent Coroners Court, sitting in Newport, heard.

Inquiries by the coroners office to obtain a police report on what happened have proved fruitless, while deputy Gwent coroner Wendy James said she was unable to say whether he took his own life.

Mr Davies, who also worked as an advertising executive, had been living with his Czech girlfriend Jitka, whom he met in 2009.

On September 21, Jitka’s sister called Rhys Davies’ mother Julie Williams, telling her there had been an accident and Mr Davies had died.

Rhys’ dad Stephen Davies and another relative went to Prague, where they spoke to police, who told them there had been a tragic accident, the court heard.

“They couldn’t say exactly what had happened, but that Rhys had come off or through a window on a balcony and had fallen,” Ms Williams told the court. Stephen Davies said he was told by police there had been an incident at the flat, and that Jitka had run out and called the police.

Mr Davies said he was informed there had been an altercation in the flat and that Rhys had struck Jitka.

Ms Williams said she spoke to her son on September 19: “He wasn’t quite himself. He wasn’t Rhys as I know him.

“I was a bit concerned, but not unduly.”

She added that he was the last person she would ever expect to take his own life.

The deputy Gwent coroner said her office had made inquiries to the Foreign Office to attempt to obtain a police report on what happened.

“No paperwork has been forthcoming at all,” she said.

The cause of death given in Prague was given as a brain injury, the court heard. Ms James said she was unable to be certain whether Mr Davies jumped from the balcony or accidentally fell that evening.

She said the only verdict she could return was an open verdict.

He ‘was one in a million’

THE family of 27-year-old DJ Rhys Davies said he was a wonderful son who had many friends in his adopted city of Prague.

Mr Davies worked as a DJ in the Czech capital where he was known as Maximal Davies – he was a regular at the city’s Hard Rock Café.

Julie Williams, his mother, said she believed his death was a tragic accident.

“We just want to remember him how we knew him. He was a wonderful son,” she said.

Mr Davies, who studied drama, media and theatre at the University of Glamorgan, had “lots and lots of friends”

and loved his DJ work, she said.

Stephen Davies, Rhys’ father, added: “He was a one in a million.”