A GWENT couple alleged to have abused their neighbours and made their lives a misery have been hit with anti-social behaviour orders banning them from shouting and swearing, a council has said.

Martin Ward and Lisa Stokes, both aged 48, of Beaumaris Way, Grove Park, Blackwood were given five-year ASBOs at a hearing of Abergavenny Magistrates Court, according to Caerphilly council.

The authority said Ward and Stokes targeted their neighbours with abusive, threatening and aggressive behaviour.

Despite several interventions by the Safer Community Safety Partnership under its 'four-strikes' process, their behaviour continued.

Cllr Dave Poole, cabinet member for the environment and leisure services at Caerphilly council, said: "This particular couple have made the lives of residents in their community a misery which we simply cannot and will not tolerate.

"The gaining of these five year anti-social behaviour orders I hope will send out a very clear message."

PC Gareth Jones, crime and disorder reduction officer for Ystrad Mynach and Blackwood, said: "The type of behaviour alleged to have been committed by Stokes and Ward against a very vulnerable victim made an application for this order a necessity, not only to protect the victim in this case but also her family and the wider community."

The couple were also ordered to pay £2,758 in prosecution costs.

Under the orders, both Ward and Stokes are banned from shouting or swearing at any person not of the same household.

They cannot act or incite others to act in an anti-social manner, and cannot use abusive, insulting, threatening or intimidating language or behaviour towards each other within the sight of someone not from the same household.

Neither can approach or communicate directly or indirectly with any of the victims of their behaviour living in neighbouring homes, or any of the homes' visitors.

The orders state the two cannot play music so loud it is heard outside their home.

They are also banned from touching or interfering with any neighbours' property, cannot bang or strike any walls, doors, floors or ceilings to cause a nuisance to neighbours and cannot call the emergency services except when in genuine need.

The restrictions apply to the Caerphilly county area.