HEALTH Minister Lesley Griffiths is to face a vote of no confidence from opposition parties in the Welsh Assembly.

She has faced calls to resign amid claims of government interference in an independent study about changes to NHS reforms.

Opposition parties point to an exchange of emails between officials and the report's author prior to its publication as proof of it being "sexed up".

Mrs Griffiths has strongly rejected such claims, as has the man behind the dossier, Professor Marcus Longley. Both have stressed that the Case For Change document was done without bias or influence.

However, the British Medical Association (BMA) has said the report can no longer be viewed as truly independent.

Today opposition parties in the Assembly announced they had agreed to table a joint motion together.

A statement from the three parties said: "The Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and the Welsh Liberal Democrats have agreed to table a motion of no confidence in the Labour Health Minister, Lesley Griffiths, following the controversy surrounding the independence of the Case for Change report.

"The Welsh Conservative, Plaid Cymru and Welsh Liberal Democrat shadow health ministers will urge the Health and Social Care Committee on Thursday to call on the Health Minister, her officials and Professor Longley to answer questions before the committee next Wednesday morning."

A Welsh government source said if the motion is accepted, the government will vote against it.

He added: “We will not play politics with peoples’ lives, their hospitals or their well-being. We will resist attempts by these three conservative parties to wreck our NHS."