A GYNAECOLOGIST who was unfairly dismissed from his job at Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital said he had been told there were "negative vibes" following his dismissal.

The Argus reported in April how an employment tribunal ruled that Dr Olufunso Oyesanya was unfairly dismissed by Aneurin Bevan Health Board, formerly Gwent Healthcare Trust, from his employment.

His job was a 12-month appointment as a locum consultant from March 2008, specialising in gynaecology.

It was found that although his employers had notified him he was to be dismissed at the end of his appointment, they had failed to hold a meeting with him.

Giving evidence at a remedy hearing held at Cardiff's Caradog House this week, Dr Oyesanya said he had applied for several other jobs before and after leaving the Royal Gwent. He said that on a number of occasions he had been asked: "What happened in Gwent?" with one clinical director at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, telling him: "I just wanted to let you know there are negative vibes following what happened in Gwent."

He said that if he had been interviewed in a meeting with his employers, he would have been able to "clear the air" over complaints made about him and felt he would have been offered other opportunities.

He said: "I would have gone through the complaints and they would have seen I hadn't done anything wrong."

At the previous tribunal hearing, Christopher Childs representing the health board said it was previously made clear to Dr Oyesanya it was a 12-month post.

Dr Oyesanya is seeking re-engagement in a consultant post in one of the board's hospitals.

The case was adjourned and closing statements are expected to be made at a later date before a decision is made.