A CHEPSTOW chip shop is celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Welsh Language Society by adopting bilingual signs.

Beaufort Square Chip Shop put up the bilingual signs on Saturday and believe it is the first Welsh language shop as you enter Wales from the English border.

Owner Keith Beynon, who runs the shop with his wife Sarah, has also been encouraging his staff and customers to use the Welsh language.

Mr Beynon, who is learning to speak Welsh, sees the language as an advantage to the business.

He said: “We’re extremely proud of Welshness and the Welsh language in this area. We intend to have all the shops signs fully bilingual.

We’re less than a mile from the border with England, but we see the Welsh language as a big advantage for the town.”

Bethan Williams from The Welsh Language Society, Cymdeithas Yr Iaith Cymru, said: “I’m pleased that we as a group can celebrate 50 years of campaigning, intent on strengthening the Welsh language over the years to come. The vast majority of people support the language, and are very often far ahead of the politicians when it comes to supporting and pushing for more of Welsh language services.”

The society is celebrating its anniversary with a special tour of Wales.

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