THREE Newport men were handed anti-social behaviour orders by a court.

The first of them, Roy Webb, 53, of Llanvair Road, will be bound by the ASBO until July 26 2016.

District judge Richard Williams read out the terms of the order, which prevents him from doing a number of activities such as urinating in public and causing harrassment, alarm or distress to any person or encouraging others to do so.

In a separate case, Shahid Nazir, 28, of Commercial Road, Pill and Jaroslav Hanko, 54, of Alexandra Road, Pill, were also given ASBOs at Abergavenny Magistrates Court, following incidents as part of a group of 'street drinkers'.

The court heard any breaches of the ASBOs could result in a prison term of up to five years.

Webb took to the witness box to give evidence about an incident with his colostomy bag.

Nicola Willis, prosecuting on behalf of Newport council, said it took place on April 26 in Newport city centre, when he dropped it and it emptied.

Webb agreed it did happen, but it would not again, as he has not needed a bag for several months thanks to an operation.

The court was told on July 17 he was seen drinking in the city centre and just over a week later was seen with another man who had poured white cider into two cups.

The ASBO prevents Webb from being in possession of alcohol in open bottles, cans, cups or containers in public but he is allowed to drink in pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Webb told district judge Richard Williams he was having help from Kaleidoscope to tackle his drinking.

"I wish you well," the judge said.

The court found Nazir and Hanko acted in an anti-social manner on dates and places listed in a statement by PC Paula Spence.

She said the group would drink from around 8am to the early hours of the morning on the streets of Pill, causing "significant fear and distress" and being "extremely intimidating" to residents and shopkeepers.

A survey completed by local people found nearly half were most afraid of walking past the street drinkers, as they would urinate in public, litter, shout and swear.

PC Spence said Newport City Homes spent more than £30,000 to improve lighting, put in cameras and clean up the area and Nazir had been given directions to leave the area 12 times in recent months.

Nazir and Hanko will be subject to their identical orders until August 16 2014.