MYSTERY surrounds the whereabouts of two commemorative plaques missing from the entrance of Newport’s Tredegar Park.

The copper engravings were displayed at the gates on the Ebbw Bridge roundabout back in 1928 to mark the opening of the park to the public.

But recently, Argus reader Ian Brewer noticed they were missing and fears they were taken by metal thieves.

Newport council, which manages the park, has no idea where they are and was not aware they were missing.

Gwent Police also has no record of them being reported stolen.

The plaques were positioned on pillars which stand either side of a now permanently closed entrance gate.

One reads: “Presented to the Mayor and Corporation of Newport for the use of the public by the Rt. Hon Viscount Tredegar CBE and the Hon Evan Morgan for and during the life of the survivor of them.”

The second states: “This park was opened on the 28th September 1928 by councillor Frank Quick, Mayor of Newport. Treharne Morgan, Town Clerk.

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