A MUM delivered her own baby when he made an unexpected arrival as she bathed her two-year-old daughter.

Baby Bobby Board entered the world four days early, weighing 8lb 6oz, while mum Caley Thomas, 25, was cleaning the bathroom and bathing daughter Madison, two, at home in Greemeadow, Cwmbran.

Dad Steven Board, 27, said: “I work in Orb Electrical Steel in Newport, and I was working late. Whenever I’m working a later shift, I always ring Madison to say goodnight.

“When I rang at 6.55pm, Caley was bathing Madison and said she had a bad stomach.

She made a joke about it being contractions.

“Then at 7.08pm she texted me and said I should come home. So I left work straight away and headed for home.

“Then she rang and said her waters had broken. By the time I got to Sainsbury’s in Newport she rang again and said he had arrived.”

Ms Thomas said: “I spent all day cleaning and scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom.

“Then when I was bathing Madison, Steve rang and I joked I might be having contractions because I had an upset stomach. Next thing I knew,mywaters had broken, and by the time I rang Steve at 7.23pm, the baby had been born.

“I was expecting it to be like Madison’s birth, but there wasn’t any pain, just a stomach ache.

“Steve, the paramedics and the midwife all arrived at the same time a couple of minutes later, and they cut the cord, checked us all over and said we didn’t even need to go to hospital. They couldn’t believe it had happened so quickly.

“Poor Madison had been in the bath the whole time, and that kept me calm as I didn’t want to upset her. She kept saying ‘I’ll make you better Mummy, I’ll make you better!’ And then when he was born she said, ‘Thanks for my brother Mummy, thanks for the baby!’”

Bobby was born on September 22. Ms Thomas added: “We’d like to thank the two paramedics and Cath, the duty midwife, who all arrived really quickly, they were great.”