I FIND it interesting that two of the candidates for police commissioner are at a “handbags at dawn” scenario.

Both are former police officers, one a quite senior officer. Both in my opinion should have been absolutely certain of their facts before going public with challengeable statements. Both have let their guard slip and given their previous disciplines, I am surprised they both made serious incorrect statements about candidates wishing to be a police commissioner. If both had researched in a proper manner they would not have erred. A candidate for that position should not have left themselves wide open to criticism in my view. My own opinion on this position is that while all are indicating independence, how can someone with numerous years in the police discipline be independent? The only independent candidates in my view are those with no experience within a police force. They would be going there with a totally independent approach. A candidate in my opinion with considerable experience necessary in overseeing a police authority would be Mr Hamish Sandison, a lawyer of many years standing, independent and capable enough to challenge a Chief Constable. I fail to see how someone that has been in a police force for many years can be totally independent in mind when challenging a Chief Constable on the running of the organisation.

Cllr Jim Higginson, Severn Ward, Caldicot