MILLIONS more job losses in Gwent! I know it sounds unbelievable, even in the ruinous light of Thatcher’s legacy, but this is the stark reality following the closure of Caerwent’s Wormtech.

Suddenly, with no notice whatsoever, countless millions of loyal, industrious workers already existing on subsistence wages are to be cast out, together with their families and families of families, into the cold light of unemployment without even the prospect of redundancy payments. No union, no social provision or back-up, these victims of an agency for an environment they have whole-heartedly supported and to which they are genetically bound are to be denied even the scrap-heap that was their very livelihood. What will become of them?

They can hardly get on their bikes to search for work, nor do they qualify for a travel allowance unless it be for a short “Early Bird” excursion. One should not be surprised by the resentment already festering within this substantial work force. Let us hope they don’t take it underground.

Julian Powell, Larch Grove, Malpas Park, Newport