I AM of the opinion that this country is run by irresponsible nincompoops who have no thought whatsoever for the people they are there to serve. We have a chancellor who loans a country money at very low interest rates that results in that country taking our business away from us, which can only be described a scandalous. Ford Transit vans, a reputable business of long standing, having to lay off its workforce because of this illogical loan is deplorable.

Any company that closes down British businesses to open up in another country for their individual greed should be made to pay the employees they leave behind, many with families and homes to pay for. The time has come when we should ignore EU rules and not pay for people’s children living in their own homeland, if in fact they are their children. Give British people a job first before offering positions to outsiders. When are we going to see a government that thinks and acts for the British public before looking abroad?

Ken Holder, Hill Street, Risca