I AM beside myself with anger, as are many others in this country after seeing how the likes of radical Abu Qatada can remain in this country costing us literally millions of pounds. Where are our human rights? I find the government of this country abhorrent in allowing this to continue which is creating colour prejudice the government seems to condone. Our security doesn’t seem to count anymore.

Law abiding citizens find it difficult to afford a home, yet the likes of Qatada and his family are re-housed because of media intrusion. The government of this country should send him to Jordan to face the music. Send him back by plane, boat, rowboat or armbands but go he must. Ignore his human rights as he has most certainly ignored ours, as for the EU, its standards are so often overlooked or simply ignored as we are the only ones who adhere, wake up government and act NOW!

Ken V Holder Hill Street Risca