WITH reference to my previous letters on dog fouling, which at the time seemed to have the desired effect, but nowdespite many posters being displayed in the town, dog mess is everywhere.

Particularly in Old Market Street, where there is a convenient little hidden corner where fouling occurs. This is in the walkway where Clare Court residents have to go to hang their washing out, which proves that these slovenly dog owners know what they are doing and don’t give a damn. The main times for these offences are under cover of darkness, but some are blatant and open about it. The local council is bound to be aware of this problem but to date apparently has done nothing about it. Usk has for many years won titles and accolades despite being blighted by this dog-fouling problem. In the interests of the decent people of Usk it’s about time it was stopped, the offending owners be named and shamed and prosecuted to boot.

Cyril Pearce Clare Court Usk